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Grande Classe WE becomes Champion Mare

Grande Classe WE becomes Champion Mare of the Elite Mare Show Weser-Ems 2019!

Many thanks to the team of the stallion station Danica Duen for the excellent performance. Grande Classe WE will now compete at the Bundeschampionat in Warendorf in 2 weeks and then take her well-deserved baby break, because she is in foal to Herzkönig NRW for 2020. In addition the half brother we bred was licensed yesterday to Grande Classe in Canada. Christine Baker bought the mother in foal from us and the foal named Dynasty has now been licensed as a two-year-old by the Westfalenverband in Canada. Congratulations to Canada!

Die Zauberflöte, who comes from our breeding program, was also awarded the state premium at the elite mare show. Congratulations to the owner Leanne Shead to Australia.

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